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    BMH Training

    Thought some of you into your dogs might enjoy this. Training taken to extremes but some nice footage of scenthounds at work/play. The second film goes on a bit but I assume it is a BMH trial? Worth FF to about halfway through. Plus, I can't understand what they are saying...

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    Certainly interesting the lengths these guys go to, we are lagging behind badly regarding working tests for tracking dogs....

    Was working on a farm couple of days back,this guy is a mad keen Elk hunter, he told me his young bitch had 47 hrs of barking last season,i think most of us would talk in terms of how many we shot for the dog,yet he was so proud of the length of time his dog had stayed with however many elk....


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    i like the idea of the boar moving in the hedge and the dog baying it , i feel some construction sesions coming on !

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    I was over in Germany 2 years on a course with the Verein Hirschmann (second vid). They take their dogs very seirously!! Have done similar with a munty for my Hanovarian.

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    It sounds like you chaps need to check out the NGO for deer courses on 26/27 this month Great for beginers and or Phone Anne on 018330660869 This is at Carlton Moor Ranges so would be an interesting day anyway.
    The other deer day on is the BMH tracking day at Harpbury College in Gloucestershire on 3 April last Novembers course was great fun Bit of Classroom work then outside training, then a test.Plenty of simple facts and training without the bull***t.
    Details on their website
    Any type of dog can attend.

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