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Thread: Wild Boar on the loose.

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    Wild Boar on the loose.

    There's been a bit of excitement in the local Press about Wild Boar causing a lot of damage in the Invermoriston/ Loch Ness area in last week or two. While they are still relatively few in number should they be totally culled right now or should they be left in the hope that we may get a "Monster" in the future.

    On a more serious note though, does anyone up in this area know any more about them - - area , where are they from, numbers etc.


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    Coincidently, only yesterday i was hearing of some boar on the loose in the Cawdor area - appartently they've been tearing up some pastures.

    I hope they get a chance to learn to keep out of farmland before someone plugs them.

    Personally I'd love to see them about - they do little harm to woodland and are supposed to keep bracken down. They taste good too............

    First I've heard of boar in the Invermoriston area.

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    News to me about wild boar in the Cawdor area, one chap on here has some shooting rights there and I would have thought he would have known if any boar on his ground. I have never seen any sign when helping out on the shoot there. Only boar I have seen where penned up at Loch Glass about 7 years ago when I was hind stalking, suppose if a tree came down and broke the fence Invermorriston or loch ness ain't too far away.



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    I want some ...

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    I heard about the wild boar on the loose in the invermoriston area last week. I think it would be nice to see them being able to roam around the area freely but the chances of them not getting shot are not great as they're supposidly doing a lot of dammage to folks gardens. I'd be shooting them if they were scoffing my garden if i was in their posistion! Could just be classed as vermin!

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