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Thread: Changes to expanding ammunition rules.

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    Changes to expanding ammunition rules.

    As reported in the April edition of the Sporting Rifle mag page 16 it would appear there may be a change to the ridiculous requirements associated with purchasing section 5 (expanding) bullets. One or two of his other ideas are unworkable; single certificate, medical records, family involvement.

    As a result of the Cumbrian shooting enquiry ACC Adrian Whiting has recommended a Regulatory Reform Order, which would improve administrative aspects of firearms licensing for universal benefit. The main aspect of the RRO is to remove the restrictions on expanding ammunition. I am assuming that ammunition includes bullets.

    Does this mean in due course we will be able to have expanding bullets posted?????????????? Please God. This nonsense has gone on long enough. I am holding my breath but may die of suffocation waiting for the change in legislation.

    BASC will be urging the Government to implement the RRO asap. Yesterday would be good.

    Perhaps someone at BASC can update us please.


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    This is very exciting news. I dont beleive the purchasing of rounds should become more lax but the posting of bullets is the single most rediculous thing to be restricted.
    Are you sure they are not going to rectrict non expanding to come in line with other bullets as these things normally have a habbit of doing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiker View Post
    Does this mean in due course we will be able to have expanding bullets posted??????????????
    I've got to say that this would be great if it happened, especially for those at the end of the supply chain. I'm in Northern Ireland and getting a consistent and regular supply of even the most commonly available bullets is next to impossible. I recently got a small supply of Nosler Partitions that I want to try, it took over a year to get them and I'm frightened to shoot them in case I never get any more! Getting the rather more common Hornady Spire Points isn't much easier.

    I'd imagine that some in the firearms industry might lobby for the restrictions to remain as that way they've got a captive audience and they can charge what they like but others might see it as a wonderful opportunity to increase their sales by mail order.

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    If this is true then maybe I can resume importing expanding bullets from U.S.A at a more realistic rate incl postage by Global Priority

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    I wonder if as usual, they give something with one hand and take twice as much away with the other ???

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    BK, What ever you say is fine by me just never change that signature

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    Be nice to start a bit of swap club up for us homeloaders to trial different bullets with out buying a full box,i'll believe it when i see it though.

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