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Thread: Hunting in texas.

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    Hunting in texas.

    FYI, after doing research here, I thought I’d give you a different how we deer hunt in Texas. I’ll try to give you generalities. First, let me say that I am 62 years old. I killed my first deer when I was 14. I have killed over 100 deer in my life. I have probably killed another 100 animals including exotic sheep, goats, antelope and pigs here in Texas and on my one trip to Africa.
    We have two ‘native’ deer species, whitetail and mule deer. The vast majority are whitetail. It is legal to shoot 5 whitetails and one mule deer buck in Texas. There are no
    regulations on non-native specie. We also have in good huntable numbers Elk (not native to Texas,) red deer, fallow, sika, and axis. Texas also has what we call exotics (non native) sheep, goats and antelope. We also have feral hogs. All are hunted similarly. For this discussion I’ll just talk about deer.
    The majority of deer are hunted from what we call deer ‘stands’ or ‘blinds.’ These can range from simple ground brush blinds, to elaborate tower stands. One I’ve heard of even has air-condition. Deer are also hunted ‘safari style’ where people are driven around, and shoot from the vehicle. Some of these trucks have elaborate towers and are a combination tower-truck. It is legal to bait deer in Texas. Many use electronic feeders to attract deer. Quite a few spread it, using various methods to stop deer in their travel or a combination of both. We generally use corn, what I believe that you call maize. A few do what we call still hunting and what you call stalking. Another method is the use of ‘drives’ where someone stalks/walks through an area known to contain deer, in order to move them past waiting hunters. Again, I would estimate that 90% or more of the deer are taken stand or safari style hunting.
    There is some public hunting land in Texas, but most is privately held. This land is leased to hunters, and generally called ones ‘deer lease’ duh, hehe. Some are leased just for the season and deer only and others are for the year and include small game and varmints. These deer leases can be as small as 50 acres to thousands of acres. Many, and the number is growing every day, are surrounded by 8’+ fences. These leases usually cost around $10 per acre and up. Most leases require at least 100 acres per person (referred to as ‘gun’), some much more. Most deer leases today are $1000 per gun, at the bottom and not very good to well over $5000. Some have lodging which can vary widely according to cost. Sadly deer hunting is slowly becoming a rich mans sport. Most deer leases are under management, to different degrees, and allow each gun to take one or two mature deer and several does or spikes. Of course these are generalities. All carcasses belong to the hunter.
    There is also guided or semi-guided hunting. A guided hunt usually costs around $150-250. This is usually paid by one, sometimes two hunters. Whitetail deer are charged per animal. Does and spikes are around $150-200 per animal. A decent representative buck starts around $1200 and a record book deer is ten times that. Yes I said $12,000!!! Did I mention rich mans sport. Exotic does are around the same and the bucks are from around $1200 to $2500. Reds and elk are more. Semi guided hunting, costs about the same, but can be divided by up to four hunters. Basically one is taken out before dark, put in a stand and picked up around three hours after daylight, taken out three hours before dark and picked up after dark. This is the way I hunt. Four of us book around Christmas. We pay $100 per day per person including basic lodging and semi-guide fee. The place has whitetail, fallow, sika and axis. All but the axis are $175 each, they are $250. There is about a 100% chance at a whitetail and a 50% chance at an exotic (non native.) About once every other year I hunt red hinds. A hind, a day and a half hunt, and two nights lodging costs $500. It’s sort of a safari stalk. We drive around, spot the deer, make a plan and stalk for of the day. This can entail several short stalks. It is usually successful, if not I stand hunt over feeders in the evening, and the next morning. If this fails, and it hasn’t, we would safari hunt until I shot one from the vehicle.
    I have one last thought, although it doesn’t pertain to deer hunting. We have millions of wild feral hogs in Texas. In some places they are becoming a real nuisance. I think in one way, that they might be compared to your Muntjac. Some love them as a game animal and some loathe them. I like them, because they are plentiful and relatively cheap to hunt and can be hunted year round.
    Please remember these are my observations of hunting in Texas. Other states have different rules, regulations and traditions. I hope that you find this informative. capt david
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    Thanks for the write up and Info


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    Thank you for the info captaindavid.

    Do you have any pics of your hunts you can share with us?
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    Great info thank you, I to would love to see some pictures

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    Thanks to CaptDavid for a very informative explanation on hunting in Texas. I’m a kiwi living in the UK so it’s quite interesting for me to compare the different styles of hunting in the UK to the USA.

    I have also hunted in South Africa and Namibia so I know how important American hunters are to the African hunting industry.

    “Deer stalking” as such is generally a much more commercially organised operation in the US compared to the UK, but they say“ that where America goes the rest of the world follows” so I imagine it will not be too long before it becomes the same here.

    Deer stalking in the UK, was in the past, very much the preserve of the rich elite, based on traditional Scottish highland stalking.

    But as in the USA, it has become a much more mainstream sport in recent years, increasing in popularity with the growing middle and working classes.

    Although most UK hunters strive to have their own permissions to hunt without paying, the demand is such, that the trend is definitely more towards paid for stalking rights/leases or guided outings.

    So although we are not quite in the same league as America price wise, we are not that far behind. Which is a pity, as it is very quickly, becoming a rich man’s sport here too.

    The other downside is that we will become, like American hunters, much more results orientated.

    Although there is still currently a very strong sporting “fair chase” element to UK stalking, I expect that British stalkers will become a lot less tolerant of going home empty handed, particularly if they are having to pay large sums of cold hard cash to stalk in future.

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    Thanks CaptDavid. As said already, it is always interesting to hear how other countries do things, very informative indeed. I look forward to you posting some pictures??

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    Thanks for the writeup Captn. Good to experience the deer stalking in other parts of the world, albeit by proxy

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    I would also like to see some pictures

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    Thanks Capt David
    I was hoping to go to Texas with work and to get a bit of hunting done, but maybe not sure that's possible now having read your article.
    Thanks anyway

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    I shall be going to Texas in August but not to hunt might get some shooting in though my cousins husband hunts Deer,at some considerable cost, this year though he only got one, and that was in his back garden!
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