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Thread: starting to show again....

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    starting to show again....

    Weve not seen any sign of the boar for over two weeks now but with the huge moon coming on the 19th we put the cameras out yesterday and were rewarded with some pics on the card today, aswell as the boar coming back we had a pic of our first ever muntjac in this area...

    and the little fellow

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    Fantastic lads i hope you connect this time would be nice to see that big lad on the slab

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    Any show recently Apollo - your pictures were taken 10 years ago.

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    oh just had the camera back from a numpty.

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    What area are we talking about apollo, if it's the area that I'm thinking of how long will it be before bears start showing up on your photographs.

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    its the dean ...your right but the bear is dead but dont mention it

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    don't go there

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    apollo you know them photos were taken in devon. thats what mr fox said.

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