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Thread: A more successful day then recent outings.

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    A more successful day then recent outings.

    I stalk with a friend on ground he has been shooting since he was old enough too ( and in his 40's now). He has sat in wood more times than I 've had hot dinners and only shot two foxes. Today at each end of the wood we shot one each. ( and mine was a bit special).

    I've never had any muntjac in this particular wood although there are plenty in there; yet today I've had two and my mate one.

    Then on foot over the rest of morning and early afternoon we had 4 fallow; two of which had one leg with a bad injury causing one to be reasonably lame and the other a crooked leg which caused it to slow up a bit compared to others it was running with.

    A very satisfying day and worth getting up at 3.30 and driving 40miles for. In my experience these sort of days happen just once a season and make all the blanks days dissapear in one go.

    I got a couple of pictures, but phone locked up after I jumped on it when getting into the prone position:


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    Nice fox Richard! I have a similar picture of one with one of my poults in his mouth! Reminds you why we have to shoot them. Sounds like a great day. Guess you're on the north or west side of Essex as we have very few Fallow where I am on the east side. Haven't seemed to cross the A12 yet!

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    Actually from Chelmsford side but go over to Bury St. Eds to stalk. Not many fallow about here , the roads into Chelmsford seem to really effect their displacement.

    But saying that, not far from here; Lil' Waltham, is Littly Green and there are reds there.

    North essex is the best place to find good numbers of bulk grazers though!

    But good numbers of Fallow around Brentwood area .

    Suffolk has its quirks too, the A14 around Newmarket/ BSE seems to stop the reds from the Euston / Elvedon area venturing onto our patch but we did once see one red hind running with a herd of fallow; next door couldn't resist shooting it though.
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    i don't suppose your other half is a Doe?

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    That's what you call "bang to rights"

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    No, not a Doe ( I assume you are refering to Ernie) but she is related to one Mr. Robert Bucknell! ( and he will like that photo)

    Defo Bang to rights - No plea your Honour!

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    Great photos, looks like a day to remember!

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