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Thread: Dorset hawker

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    Dorset hawker

    Recently found this website and discovered a lot of sensible people and potentially a very useful resource. Am ex-Army now fly aeroplanes for a living and live and Stalk in Dorset.

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    Welcome aboard Dorset Hawker!
    Always good to see fellow Dorsetmen on the site, whereabouts in the Shire are you?
    I live just outside Shaftesbury and have 2 years left to serve in REME. I hope to get into Deer Management properly once I'm out.

    All the best


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    Hi Paul I am down Weymouth way, good luck with your ambitions and make the most of the opportunities that exist for stalking on Army ranges (Lulworth and Bovy) while you are still in, civvies can't get a look in.

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    Unfortunately I only learned about the DDM (Defence Deer Management) about 18 months ago and despite all my efforts in trying to join, they refused my entry. One of their conditions is that any potential member needs a minimum 5 years residual service. I had 3 back then. Their loss!


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