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Thread: Recknagel or apel sauer 202 bases and 30mm rings

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    Recknagel or apel sauer 202 bases and 30mm rings

    Either fixed or swing off for attaching swarovski 8x50 to sauer 202.

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    I think John Low at Fife Field Sports might have a set. We were looking through his drawer of mounts yesterday and certainly had a set of Apel swing mounts and I think they were for a Sauer - see thread on Fife Field Sports for his number.

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    Sauer mounts 202

    Got a set of apel fixed mounts for the sauer. 2nd hand for 100. As new. New fixed are 300! So recon I did ok? So have set of Warne mounts and 30mm rings no longer required.

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