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Thread: LYMAN DPS II - weight drifting

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    LYMAN DPS II - weight drifting

    Hi everyone,

    I have a DPS II which has suddenley started to drifting weights. I dispense/weigh 40.5gr of powder, leave the pan on the scale and the weight starts to move, at one point it went to 41.4gr.

    I then calibrated it, again, set the zero and just watched the zero, that started to drift!

    Does anyone know what the problem is? Apart from it being fecked....
    And, is it something I can solve myself?

    Thanks and best regards.


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    I have to admit that the unit was being stored in my garage, since it's been in the house and warmed up a bit it seems to be improving. It obviously seems that unit was cold but would this cause the problem I was experiencing?

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    Hi there,

    This is not something new,lots of digi scales suffer from this problem.They are so sensative as i'm sure you know,a friend of mine even holds his breath while trickling manually.
    Anyway, i believe the first thing to consider in my experience is room temperature,it needs to be constant and a warm up time for the scales,atleast half an hour with some scales. Also a set of balance scales is in my mind a must,as you need something so as to check against.

    If you find that they will not hold a zero after calibration and you have tried the temperature and warm up bit then i would assume that the problem is in the brain of the scales and this will evetually cause havoc with the readout,most common cause is damp,this will render the scales useless and should not be used.

    Regards Mick.

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    Hi again,

    Yes, it would. Remember ,when you brought it in from the cold it needed time for any minute water residue from condensation to evaporate. Keep the scales indoors and in a warm not hot room and you will find that it will improve with time as long as no damage has already been done.

    Regards Mick.

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    Some things to bear in mind:

    Ten Commandments for Use of Electronic Scales Daily Bulletin

    Plus, keep your mobile phone well away from the scales.

    Rgds JCS

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    Oh yes,

    and wellaway from a wireless PC Router too.

    Regards Mick.

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    Thanks for the replies folks.

    I had thought about the mobile phone but never once thought about the wireless router!

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