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Thread: 25.06 powder.

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    25.06 powder.

    Hi all,

    Need some advice regarding powder for a 25.06 with a 22" barrel. Would i be mistaken in thinking that by using a medium burn powder it would help compensate for the loss in barrel legnth.
    Would be very much obliged if any members are using such a powder and what type.

    Regards Mick.

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    i used to have 25.06 in 22" used to use h4831. look on reloaders nest there are a lot of loads for 25.06.
    pick through them will give you good idea what people are using .just remember dont start on other peoples max load.

    regards bob

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    Hi Bob,

    NICE ONE MATE, Many thanks for that, lots of info on there and found what i was after,so thanks again.

    Regards Mick.

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    I agree mine thrived on h4831 also try reloader 19 and 22.
    Light bullets go well with h414

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    I have a Sig Arms SHR970 in 25-06 with a light 22" barrel, for roe I use 100gn Nosler BT's, below are my old and new loads,

    Viht N165 55.5gn doing 3030 fps (10 shot average) grouped just under an inch at 100yds this load is 1.0gn under the powder manufacturers max load of 56.5gn

    Reloader 17 52.5gn doing 3240 fps (10 shot average) groups around 1/2" at 100yds with only 12 fps spread (over 10 shots) this is quite a hot load but is 0.5gn under the powder manufacturers max load of 53.0gn. I have full confidence in this load in my rifle, it does not cause massive meat damage and I have used it to take roe out to 300yds

    I have also used Reloader 22 with 100gn bullets but this powder did not work as well as the 2 powders above did in my rifle the best was 52.0gn


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    Try 42gr N140 100gr Bullet, very accurate and very economical, should work well in a short barrel.


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