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Thread: virgin stalker

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    virgin stalker

    can anyone tell me of any where near Gloucester,will travel,where i could do some stalking,either sporting agents or buy a day.
    im new to stalking so any help would be good.
    Got my DSC1 been shooting for the last 30years, had a few trips out with a friend who did a bit,but has moved on. its only the last two years i've got the bug again.
    Also any agents or the like i should stay away from.

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    I thought there were laws about stalking virgins

    I am sure we could find you some roe or fallow stalking in the North cotswold area, no agent.
    Give me a ring on 01386 881306.


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    Mark are you offering to stalk virgins? If so can you post the pictures in the trophy room. Here in Warwickshire they are very rare, I would like to see one stuffed and mounted!

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    Hey B.

    Virgins are obviously more common in Gloucestershire on account of the better grazing in the Cheltenham area and lack of predation which is more common in Warwickshire. THe numbers might reduce after the rut

    If you need pics or vids there are plenty of other sites on the internet for stuffing and mounting virgins. Try google


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    Mark I want my specimen stuffed and mounted in a particular athletic pose. Can you suggest anyone up to the challenge? Still finding getting one difficult though, the ones I have seen or butt ugly and very old.

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    look lads break me in gently

    mark will give you bell many thanks,just as soon as we get this bit of water sorted out

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    It's not in your immediate vicinity, but I can recommend Andrew Hoon of Capreolus, based near Wantage -

    Andrew is v professional and is also a senior member of BDS, so you can be sure that he is a good bloke to learn from.


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    Thanks Stayangry , can anyone reconmend any where else,that they have stalk't on.
    whats the average cost of a stalk.

    more to the piont anyone had any bad deals,people,places to stay clear of?

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