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Thread: Bipods?

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    I have never and can't ever imagine using the bipods that attach to ones gun. Is this sommething that is really needed to stalk in England? I also use BogPod tripod shooting sticks. They are adjustable to make standing shots, but I mostly use them while sitting in my hunting seat, in my ghillie suit. Should I bring them? thanks, capt david

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    Hi David,

    Your shooting sticks will be fine. They're not needed and I wouldn't advocate using something you can't imagine. Bipods are extremely useful for prone shooting - it may be that we do more of that in the UK, hence the feel that it is a necessary item, but I really wouldn't worry about it. If there's one thing this forum should show you, it is that personal preference is king!!


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    Your shooting sticks should be fine for woodland stalking, bipods come into there own for prone shooting for example
    Red deer on the open hill where all shooting will be prone.

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    thats what you binocular case is for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    thats what you binocular case is for...
    Yep did that for a lot of years, before getting a bipod, but used one for so long now that I don't like taking a prone shot without it.

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    i never go stalking without a bipod, i also use sticks and i am perfectly capable of taking deer off of the sticks at reasonable stalking ranges but i have the bipod as a back up if i dont feel safe taking a shot from the sticks so for that reason yes a bipod is a esential item for me but as already said it is personal preferance.

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    David - Stick with what you are used to. Personally I cannot get on with Bipods - I find them uncomfortable and restrictive to use and if taking a prone shot much prefer to brace my fore hand across a rock, grass tussock or if not available then to use my back back, binoculars or whatever. When shooting prone I like to keep as low as possible - chest on the floor etc - most Bipods I have tried put me too high up. But then I learnt to shoot with target rifles off a tight sling.

    On the places I stalk most shots are either standing or sitting off sticks. If you are shooting during our summer in England most shots will be from standing, or a high seat to get over the long grass etc. As with any hunt don't change your kit just before the hunt, use what you are confident in.

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