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Thread: Sighting in?

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    Sighting in?

    I mainly hunt with a 7x57. I handload 150gn Nosler Partitions @2700fps. I normaly shoot 2" high at 100yds which is dead on again at 200yds. My comfort zone with a hunting rest maxes out about this range Is this Ok for stalking and high seat hunting? capt david

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    2" probably too high for your stalking over here, normally 1"" high at 100 seems the norm but dependent on where your'e shooting even bang on at that distance. I would very much doubt you will be taking 200 yard shots so you should be well within your comfort zone, I hope you have a great trip over here, it's obvious to see that you are really looking forward to it with all your questions, keep 'em coming!!!!

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    Unless you go to Scotland after reds on the open tops you are unlikely to have your comfort zone stretched too much. I'd agree with Crumpy, sight 1" high at 100 yards and with most rounds you'll be fine between 50 and 150 yards with the same point of aim, this will take care of 99% of UK woodland stalking, most farmland stalking but you're still OK even out to 200 yards with a heart shot.

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    I would just leave things as they are; you will already know where to aim to achieve results and an inch difference at 100m will not make a difference. You also know that the rifle is spot on at 200 which is reassuring.


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    If your questions are indicative of your attitude - then you'll be fine. If you leave your rifle zeroed at 200 then just be sure of where the bullet will land at 100. The same the other way around if you DID decide to change the zero to 100. Just in case you suddenly require a bit of precision. Our policy on the deer forest where I stalked was to zero for 100 as the most likely precise range - then hold up the required height for 150 or 200. I had changed my rifle to a 200 yard zero - forgot - and missed a fox in the lamp at a den - between the ears - the next night.

    For instance, in some forty years, at least thirty of them in association with numerous .275 Rigby's and 7X57's, (which are basically the same),there have been occasions when a stag was lying gravely shot and a finishing shot was required because the stalking party was intent on making as quick a finish as possible.

    A crawl up to within 25 yards then posed the question. Where was the bullet going to strike if all you could see in the scope sight was an eye - the ear and the antlers - above a rock or a mossy mound ?

    It does not take too long to do a bit of ground work and know exactly where your bullet is going to be at various ranges up to the extremeity of your comfort zone of 200 yards.

    Best of luck. Ken.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    i,m glad he's asking all these questions as alot would have come from me if stav

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    Shooting deer here is really no different to shooting them in your area captdavid and if you are happy with a 200 yard zero and usually hunt with that then I'd stick with it. Under pressure of the shot it means you will not "forget" where your zero is. I personally zero for 200 (actually 220 yards which is 200m) and that puts me about 2 inches high at 100 and I've never had a problem with this. I always leave it at that whether shooting in forestry, farmland or on the hill.

    In the end the key to your trip isn't to get what is right for me, or the rest of the UK, but to get what is right for you and in this case if a 200 yard zero is right for you at home I'm certain it will also be right for you here.

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    Quite right Caorach. If it aint bust - don't fix it.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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