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Thread: What and how many knifes when in the field!

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    What and how many knifes when in the field!

    I have always taken with me my bright orange knife/sheath that i got from the game fair a few years ago, i use it for all parts of carcus prep. i am now looking at getting a new set! i.e a general use blade and a small blade for more intricate things or skinning.
    So the question is do you use one knife for everything or what are your tools?
    Purely for field only use!.
    thanks ss.

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    I have a beautiful hand made knife that I've had for over 20 years but I also have a "Wyoming" knife which is a very unusual design but, if used correctly, is very effective at "un-zipping" a deer.
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    standard buck lock knife very nice does all i need,Click image for larger version. 

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    atb 65x55

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    I use one knife in the field its a wooden handled knife i bought in the USA in 1978. Apart from roe all our game, moose ,boar is taken back to the Larder or barn to be gutted. I wear a traditional swedish knife as well but thats only for cutting up korv, cheese and other edibles I wear a Svörd pig sticker when working the dog on boar.

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    Although i make them for a living,i use, and always have an Opinal no 8,its not the knife its knowing how to use it


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    I don't 'wear' a knife because I have to drive some distance and whilst its not that comfortable when driving also on the odd occasion stop for fuel etc etc. So I put a buck folder in the same pounch thingy that my magazine and spare ammo goes in. That goes in my pocket when I get there.

    In my bag I'll have my fixed blade knives, a buck 5'' Pathfinder , a puma 3'' pro hunter with gut hook and one of those so called throw away sweedish knives pre orange handle.

    Depdening on the situation i'll go back to my vehicle for extraction and get my bag. My hand always goes for the Buck Pathfinder. I find it perfect for every job.

    If you shoot alot of muntjac on the same trip it pays to have a few to choose from or take a sharpening steel. Munty do tend to take the edge of a knife quicker than other species.

    Of course a must is to have a Lanskey at home to maintain them all!!!!


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    A knife - is a knife - is a knife. Not too deep in the blade so that you can get into the anal canal and such places.
    Try to get one of good steel which will hold a good edge - keep it sharp and clean. Many people use stainless these days, but a high carbon blade should cause no problems if it it washed out and lightly oiled on the steel contacts areas - such as in folding knives - then allowed to sit in a warm place if possible - open, to air-off.

    I agree with Bernie. An opinel knife will take a quick edge and as it is made from shear steel will cut like a razor. It's easy to maintain, especially if the wood is treated with oil then eased for easy opening in the field. They don't cost a fortune, have a simple ferrule lock, and work well.

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    Best knife I had was 40 years ago, Just a simple blade, curved like an open S. The blade concave rather than convex. Unfortunately I can't fins a replacement. It was used for everything, gutting rabbits to disecting deer. Still have the stab wound scar on my leg where I stabbed myself making snare pins. Great shape for the gralloch. Now I have a buck folder and an american sheeth knife bought from private frazer. Also have a couple of frosts in the gamebag.

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    See here - Bladetech

    I carry both an FR05 and a CA12. Both take the keenest of edges and can be easily honed in the field if they are dulled. Some would point out that the latter's wooden handle contravenes best practice, but they are lovely pieces of kit and well worth their modest price tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecoman View Post
    A knife - is a knife - is a knife. Not too deep in the blade so that you can get into the anal canal and such places.

    A very valid point that is; especially when considering smaller species of deer.

    Although I have one a blade with a gut hook is next to useless for much else and I rarley use mine ( although it is a lovely knife, the puma).

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