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Thread: I can`t unscrew my moderater.

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    I can`t unscrew my moderater.

    In the six weeks that i have had my 243, i`ve took the moderater off three may be four times for cleaning purposes.
    Having fired a few target rounds today, i thought a wipedown was in order but i can`t unscrew the mod from the end of the barrel.
    It`s a wildcat, predator 8 moderater.
    Is it safe to put gentle pressure on it in a vice and twist the rifle or should i let the gunshop see to it. I have unscrewed the end section and put some oil in to try to aid loosening it.
    Anyone got some advice please?
    Thanks, basil.

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    Get someone to hold the Butt end, then you unscrew the moderator, that's what I've done inthe past.

    If that still doesn't work, still get someone to hold the butt end and get a pair of Adjustable Jaws, use them to clamp the BUSH PART of the moderator (The bit that has the thread) as this is the strongest part of the moderator, then unscrew. It might scrape the black paint a little though but nothing to worry about, just usa a moderator neoprene cover to hide it.

    Good Luck.


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    I cant unscrew my moderator

    Bit of a bummer bas: but like Tartinjock says it should come off with a bit of persuasion, you can't do much harm and given the time you've had it it shouldn't be seized up solid. When you do get it off always make sure you put a wipe of thin grease or oil on the threads, it will save any futher problems. Good luck.

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    Hi Basil,

    I would try and avoid a vice at all costs, nip to Halfords or similar and buy a strap wrench designed for removing oil filters off cars that should do the trick without wrecking your mod.


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    I take mine off every time i have finished shooting,whether I take a shot or not Bas.If you dont,you stand the chance of damaging the thread on your barrel..............Martin.

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    If you can't get to Halfords. look at one of your leather belts and see if it is rough on the inside.
    If you have one, just wet it slightly and put that round the body of the Moderator and grip it tight and turn.
    Good Luck.

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    It might be worth a try with a strap wrench before you go down the route of the stilsen. You might be surprised how much torque you can get with a good strap wrench. The pipe wrench may leave unsightly tool marks if you aren't carefull.


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    No i haven`t yet, it`s worrying me as i can`t afford to replace any damage. The barrel isn`t stainless and the mod is a Wildcat, predater 8.

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