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Thread: High seats & safety

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    High seats & safety

    Just finished off the last of my high seats ready for the Roe rut. I'll be installing the seats later next month but like to let all the stain dry and then I like to let the seats settle in before use, hence it's this time of year I tend to re-build / re-make my seats in plenty of time. I took a short cut this year and purchased one of the cheap ones from Sportsman as well as making a couple of my own for replacements. I had a couple of issues with the purchased seat, in as much as three of the bolt holes were located in the wrong place, not a big issue, two second with the drill and all was fine. I have 35 washers left and five bolts but was six nuts short, not exactly professional kit, more an MFI flat pack.
    Having seen the results of three falls from height this year, I have invested in a fall arrest harness but was wondering if anyone else wares such attire?

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    Hi oldtree,
    Its the same old thing, how far do you go?, i think there is always a risk in whatever you do, the highest with highseats is obviously getting on and off? with regards to arrest harnesses, do you realise they might present their own risks? anyone using one should be aware that there is a chance that if you are left hanging in one long enough, the blood supply through the arteries that run up the inside of your groin can be cut off, this can be fatal, from memory(and i stand to be corrected) this can happen in well under 20mins, have a look at the HSE website there is some good advice on the matter, in my experiance i found that the use of such equiptment can make it difficult to move freely and with regards to highseats would prefer to ensure the steps, handholds and main structure have a slip resistant surface (especially when made from wood)


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    i wear a tornicay , if thats how ya spell it , around my neck every morning when i shave just in case

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    In case of what? the wife wants to strangle you?

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    You cant be too safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by TikkaT3 View Post
    with regards to arrest harnesses, do you realise they might present their own risks? Tikkat3
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am harness trained so am aware of the risks involved with harnesses.
    I've never worn one in a high seat before but witnessed one chap falling from 2 meters, the guy now lives in a wheel chair
    Hence my concern, bottom line is that your never going to expect to fall or for the high seat to 'give way'. I'll give a harness ago and establish if there are any restrictions to movement in the high seat.

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