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    What would be the implications of a gamedealer processing deer out of season? I ask because I recently called in to a dealer to see if I could have some roe heads to practice locating the Subm... and retroph... lymph nodes. Yeh no problem help yourself there are some in a bucket over there - i looked and there were 3 roe bucks? 2 shot through the head. I know there are circumstances when one can take deer out of season and I am sure that is what happened here? How can one inspected the glands of head shot animals prior to entering the food chain. I know we dont always follow good practice and i ask clarification on these two points to assist with potential questioning through my L2.

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    Hi there, you can still inspect the submaxillary and retropharyngeal glands in head shot deer as long as the bullet has struck the deer high in the head. Some high neck shots will cause enough bullet trauma to destroy the retropharyngeals, but generally speaking a good head shot should not destroy both sets of glands. If the glands in the head cannot be inspected due to bullet damage, then the trained hunter should be able to inspect ALL of the other glands throughout the body.

    On the other hand, a good chest shot will often destroy the mediastinal glands. I know one guy who shot several deer in the chest and the AW wouldn't sign him off because he couldn't find the mediastinals - even though in those cases the mediastinals were probably spread on the rising bank of soft ground that was behind the deer when it was shot!!!! ............



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