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    help for heroes

    Last sunday we ran a dog test here at Bunwell. 39 dogs entered and we all had a great day. We ran 4 tests in the morning and after a cut at lunch a last one in the afternoon. As the competitors walked around the estate from test to test they were mugged by Bernie1959 for a guess at the "distance of the pigeon" and Peter for "how many cartridges in the bag" as well as two raffles run by my daughters and a Jump scurry run by the boys from Hargham and Quidenham shoot. Thanks to them for giving up their sunday.
    It was all arranged by Richard Walters from this shoot with help setting up by my underkeepers Robert and Ben both from this site. We raised just under £1000 for help the heroes and I would just like to thank all those involved a number of which view the SD. No doubt a donation will round up the figure.


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    Well done Mark and to all the people who helped you out, thats a tidy sum to make


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    Congrats to all involved.... A great cause

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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