The sun is shining and the snow is melting so it was out to try out some Remington Buck Hammer slugs in the Remington 870 with the rifled choke screwed in the barrel. The buck hammer is not a sabot slug, nor a Brenneke type slug but it is made to fire through rifled choke and full rifled shotgun barrels.
The Buck Hammer is 1.1/4 oz slug with a velocity of 1550 fps , Said to be good out to 100mtrs.
The target was shot at 50 mtr. The recoil is quite brisk and the group was a tad under 5cm. The Buck Hammer group the same as the Sellior & Bellot slugs shot through a Imp cl barrel. Buck Hammer cost about 14 for 5 and the S&B about 5 for 5.
An Extra 9 for a bit more Omph . I will be sticking with the S&B