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Thread: CZ 511 Semi Auto .22LR Subsonic

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    CZ 511 Semi Auto .22LR Subsonic

    I am selling my CZ 511 Semi Auto .22LR Subsonic rifle as I don't use it much and I need space in my cabinet.

    The rifle is fitted with an MTC Cobra 3-9 by 50 AO scope which retains the original box and papers. It sits in, I think, Sporstmach one piece mounts.

    The silencer is a Parker Hale MM1.

    This gun is in very good condition. The stock has been painted black very nicely by the previous owner. I saw no need to alter this as it is a great looking setup. I still have the original rear iron sights. I took them off to fit the scope.

    There is one 8 shot magazine. I can also throw in 3 or 4 boxes of ammunition.

    So, all in all, a great rabbiting combination that is good to go.

    I am asking 200. The transaction can be face to face or RFD to RFD at an additional cost of 25.

    To keep everything transparent, and PMs aside, please state on this thread if you wish to be the confirmed buyer.

    I am near Ascot if anyone wants to view.

    Many thanks, Dom.
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    How about 200 posted RFD to RFD or 175 F2F?

    ATB, Dom

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    rifle is now sold

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