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Thread: Mint S+B 8x56 A7 (Hungarian )

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    Mint S+B 8x56 A7 (Hungarian )

    Just getting into reloading , and I am struggling with getting a decent zero and I am sure its due to the reticle being a too thick to see thecentr of the bull at 100yds , I can get 2" groups all day , but would like to improve so I am thinking of something with a dot rather than the crosshairs . I know its probably a longshot but has anyone anything to swap of similar value ( I would guess 450-500) .
    This scope is in A1 condition and is an ideal stalking scope and if I had not started reloading would not want change it at all .
    Thanks Brian

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    You are barking. The A7 is already a fine retical. Design a target to suit your ret! PM me you email addy and I will send you one on an excel sheet.

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    I had a similar problem with my S& Bscopes, the 'fine' line of the reticle is 1/2" at 100m and the thick posts are 5" so at 300 you will struggle to group less than 3" I went for a fine mildot, ticks all my boxes.


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    S&B Scope

    I dont agree use a decent target and it is not a problem IMO.

    Two targets from today.

    1st is from a clean barrel with Norma 150gn BT of the shelf stuff, I reckon the group is OK.

    I then shot various loads and this was the one I settled on. The tape is covering other groups of 3-shot loads.

    The Rifle is a new Sauer 202 and the scope an S&B 8x56 with A7 reticle.

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Target 2.JPG   target 1.JPG  
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    I read this with interest, and can sympathise with both arguments. I'm struggling with this problem at the moment so have been trying a variety of different targets from the link below:-

    I shoot every week on our club 100 yard range using 2-up TWO-INCH diamonds with an inner 'day-glo' diamond. All my rifles use low-power K4's or 6X Leupold 'scopes with fine Duplex-type reticles, yet I have no problem quartering the diamonds.

    I've got a .22-250 which has the S&B 6x42 with the A7 reticle and it's dreadful. The 'fine' wire of the duplex obscures all of the inner day-glo section, and you develop the habit of pulling the trigger as soon as the aiming mark is blotted out. It's demoralising because you know the rifle can do better than the inch-and-a-bit groups it's giving.

    Yet this reticle gives near perfect clarity to see and shoot muntjac & fox at 180 yds when there's only 10 minutes of light left. I've got every confidence it under these conditions so it must be delivering much better accuracy then than I can achieve in daylight on the target range.

    S&B don't give any subtension details for their 'scopes on the website. It's definitely more than the half-inch someone's quoted here... certainly for fixed-powers anyway.

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    Just quoting the specs from an old S&B catalogue for that reticle, I have shot a lot of Deer with the 8x56, but I prefer something with more mag and Mildot now.


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    I'm not knocking you Flyboy or the S&B tech. data you quote as makers change their products constantly.
    I've got the facilities and time to check the claims out over measured ranges, and often find that the reality doesn't match the literature. Increasing the power and changing the reticle setup is an option a lot of shooters take so I'm glad it's worked for you.


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    i agree with the sentiments above. This is a stalking scope and reticle setup, not a target scope.

    This target in my images does allow you to "lay" the horizontal crosshair onto the target and the red bulls eye is clear enough for my needs but not for serious target stuff.

    I would much rather have a "Ronseal" scope than a fancy with all the bells and whistles as I have enough to concern me when stalking live quarry but it is of course each to their own.

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    Use different scopes.
    I use a x 32 fine reticle target scope for targets( new 100 fox etc as light gathering and quick target acquisition is not a problem) & load development
    & the S&B for hunting once you have found the right load.
    It is rather like have the Ford Fiesta to drive to work & the Porsche to take the girlfriend out. I do think that even with special targets you can group better with fine cross hairs. You do not find the bench rest shooters using thick reticles for a good reason. I do have a illuminated reticle TDS Swaroski that does both in allowing you to shoot in low light but also has a fine reticle BUT it costs arms & legs new.

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