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Thread: Discovery 2 TD5 - 2002/2004

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    Discovery 2 TD5 - 2002/2004

    Anybody experience with this 4x4? The man who repairs my cars swears by them as some others. Than there are others which wouldn't even be found dead in one. They seem to have lots of loading space ( dog cases ) and the TD5 / P15 engine should be reliable ???
    I need a reliable 4x4 with plenty of loading space that can easely do 140km/h over long distances. A car that can get me from Belgium to the north of Scotland in harsh winter conditions. The 5 door system makes it easier to load and unload than a pick up.

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    No complains about mine. Minor ailments biggest being the fuel pump replacement but nothing major so far,

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    Had mine for 7 years. Nearly 80,000 miles and only replaced the battery and brake pads. Spent 3 years in N Norway without any problems. A great machine and if you are careful with your right foot you should get 30 mpg.

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    I would stay away from one a sun roof as they they tend to leak. I have had all versions of the Discovery's since the first model apart from the current version and found them extremely reliable.....apart from the issue with the sun roof.


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    I have had leaking sunroof problem in my 2002 disco td5.I had it for three years and sold it March 2010.The rear air bags started to play up,you would come out on a morning to find it listing to one side at the rear.The only other thing that went was the gear box fluid cooler just behind the intercooler.I am fairly handy,but no mechanic and I managed to sort it.Servicing was fairly easy.Great car,moved onto disco 3.

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    I had an 03 model and to be fair it was a good car. I latterly had some problems with the wiring loom rotting and a fuel injector going (that was a bit expensive). Then the fuel line ruptured where it was rubbing on the chassis. Got a bit fed up and sold it for a little BMW. BIG MISTAKE!! especially in snowy weather!

    Anyway now have a D4 which is truly lovely

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    Had one for 3 years Ė have had to replace both rear suspension airbags. The guy that I take it to recommends having it converted to springs as the bags tend to wear over time (and therefore leak) if theyíre not kept clean, so if I have the problem occur again, it will be the springs for me. Also suffer the leaky sunroof. However, it was one of the only vehicles getting around here during the winter (they donít grit the roads near us).

    Mrs Harry swears by it, but then Iím the one who fills it up..

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    Forgot to mention - if you do experience the problem with the rear suspension bags leaking, it's best to get them replaced sooner rather than later as the extra work can damage the compressor (and that isn't a cheap job).

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    My wife has one, its now done 175k miles, she loves it, I get to borrow it when my old disco isnt posh enough for somewhere,

    as said dont buy one with a sunroof, or electric seats, they play up.

    the rear airbags are cheap enough, and if you think of them as like a tyre, would you not replace them as they get to 10 yrs old?

    btw I checked her mpg she gets 32mpg last week.

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    hi mate ,i have a 5 seater gs without all that air suspension and wouldnt change it for nothing , except another ,its really goodbit heavy on fuel but went to the borders last week and got 30 mpg so that wernt too bad, bits for them are reasonable and services arnt very dear

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