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Thread: Quad advice

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    Quad advice

    Hi guys after a bit of advice I'm thinking about getting a quad it will just be used to potter around the shoot and farm and will be used for lamping a few times a week, what sort of price will I be looking at ??

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    How long is a piece of string if you want to take a risk you will find them at farm/machinery sales for very little or a decant one from a dealer 2k+ with warranty etc.I got one from a firm at Malton North Yorks its never missed a beat in about 5years worst thing that you can do to agri quad is try and go too fast and run it flat out.

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    Cheers pal I'm not wanting a new 1 but not a reck

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    It is no coincidence that most farmers use Hondas as they are very reliable but just remember when a farmer gets rid of anything it is usually causing trouble. For a reasonable second hand 4x4 quad around 2k.

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    If you can afford it get a Honda. Nuff said.

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    Honda or Yamaha 350cc 4x4
    My Yamaha is now 18 years old and still tows red and Sika stags out of the forest.
    I gave 750 for it as a non runner 10 years ago spent 500 to sort it out and I have spent about 100 on it since

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    Purchased a 3 year old Yamaha Grizzly 660cc last september 254 miles on the clock for 3K
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    If you had no concern for cash, there is only one: Can-Am (Bombardier), is by FAR the best make and certainly the best performance and reliability by a long way.

    Honda can be easily equalled in performance by many other makes, including Yamaha and Suzuki. Longterm reliability on the other hand, Honda is hard to beat. We have 6 of them on the farm, and we put them to seriously hard work, all day, everyday. We kick the absolute **** out of them, and they never complain. As the Honda's get around 3 years old, we trade them in for new in a constant cycle.

    You'll be talking around 2500 for a 4 year old Honda Foreman. (avoid ex-farm machines!)

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    I use an Arctic Cat on my farm and don't think it can be easily bettered.
    It's a diesel version so runs all day on one tank of red unlike some of the thirstier quads out there.
    Diesels can be a little bit noisier on full throttle but with the extra torque you can creep around on just over tickover very quietly.

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    Agree with 308 boy buy a honda nothing else is as good ive got 08 350 and its light enough to handle got enough power and never misses a beat starts first push every time, had cheaper ones and an import and its not worth it in the long run.

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