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    Here's the situation stalking friends.
    been load testing today with a buddy, time and time again i'd put 2 bullets near in the same hole, but the third one would go wayward, 1'' to 2'' off.. i,m thinking possibly primmers causing the problem. h4831sc and h4350 were used.. primers fed 210.
    any thoughts?


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    Sounds more like bedding or a light barrel heating up. More infor on the whole rifle/scope/barrel/bedding setup may help. Has the rifle just started throwing fliers?

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    Yes just started throwing fliers. Scope tight. Barrel free floating. I've always put 3 through then let it cool right off. Thought myself about hot barrel but never had trouble before putting 3 bullets through it after each other. Given barrel a good clean. Bit puzzled.

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    Why not buy a box of factory ammo and get your pal to try shooting three shots with that? Secondly, a bit of info on your approach to brass prep might shed some light on what's happening? How does the fired brass look? Are you getting any issues chambering the round or removing the spent case?

    Primers sounds a very unlikely source of the issue, unless you've got more info to give us on that one?

    Rgds JCS
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    Had a similar problem some while back. Checked everything that I could think of. A match shooting friend then suggested that my brass might be getting "tired" and slightly "brittle" - 8th reload. Bought a new batch of cases - problem solved!


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    Hi bryan. Hmmm that's food for thought. I'm probably around the 6th reload on this brass. I'll try some new cases. Thanks for that. Sometimes things stare u in the face. Like u I've checked everything. Nothing loose. Seating dies tight and not messed with.


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    My friend actually suggested I could put some life back into the cases by annealing them. Pretty simple to do I know but I thought that I had got my money's worth out of them (there were Winchester!) so plumped for new cases. At that time, you could still get 100 Lapua for around 34 quid - glad I bought a 300. Still got loads of reload life left.


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