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Thread: powders!!!

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    anyone offer me advice on hodgdon h414 powder? all my books are saying different things about which primers to use. .243 calibre shooting 95gr hornady sst

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    I've only used it in 308 and 303, to be honest, it's not optimum for either one, but I was using standard spark plugs.
    I've got a tub spare for my 243, but have yet to get through half a tub of H4831 and 2 kilos of N160 before I start using H414 in my 243 (which it is optimum for apparently).
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    H414 is a ball powder of similar burning rate to H4350. So far I have never needed to use mgnum primers will ball powders despite what Speer claim. Am currently using BLC-2 and H335 with normal CCI 200 primer in several cartridges with no problems..

    I did have a problem with Reloader 19 not igniting properly with std primers in the 25-06 yet the powder out of the same tub worked fine with CCI 200 stds in the .270 Weird. the only way to really find out is try std primers.

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    H414 is a very versatile powder. I've used it for years in several different calibres, mainly with standard LR primers. JC

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    I use H414 for my .243 loads with CCI primers and have had no problems! Use it for 90 and 100 grain bullets and it goes bang every time. I've been told that other powders perform better, but as yet I've not seen a need to change.

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    I used H414 with my .243, and now with my 7mm08, standard primers are fine.

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    used it with 70 grain VMAX with great results. Moved to 160 for even better results behind the 95 grain rounds but 414 should do you well.


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    I use H414 in a 275 Rigby calibre with Federal GM210M primers, works fine for me.

    I also used it in a 7-08 previously, and in a ..243 years ago under 85Gn Sierra Gamekings.. very accurate round at about the 3250 fps mark if I remember correctly. Same primer in all with never any ignition problems.



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    Thanks guys. i loaded some with magnum primers and as i got towards the maximum charge it blew a primer. and didnt have good accuracy with the different powder weights i tried. i will try again with normal primers.

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    Have used H 414 with standard and magnum bench rest primers as they were the only ones available at the time.The magnum primers tightened up the groups a tad .
    There must be a reason they recommend the mag primers .

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