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    I stalk with a light force lamp, the smaller of the two they make. Are there any new kids on the block that are better them ?

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    I use a striker 170 for spotting foxes from the jeep and I use a scope mounted cluson sl2 on the gun.

    I don`t think there are any lamps that will put out a better beam than the lightforce It`s just a pity they are very poorly put together

    The cluson put`s out a decent beam and the build quality Is excellent.

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    People often comment on the poor wiring on the three Lightforce lamps, I have to say that I have never had any bother with mine. I have a 170 handheld and a 140 scope mounted. The bigger 'blitz' I do not have but a friend has one roof mounted, again, never had any bother with them.

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    Must admit I had problems with mine and with Lightforces dire customer services, even to the extent I soke to a director at the company whos attitude was indeed....DIRE. In the end I sorte the wirinf myself. The other problem I found was the cable getting int the way but I now use a Safari sling and attatch it to an extra stud I put really far back on the stock, that way nothing fouls when I place the rifle on the sticks, also makes the rifle balance better when the lamp on it.

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    Malmo gun near lancaster were telling me they are getting in a direct copy of the lightforce lamps in all the sizes, at a fraction of the price the filters from the lightforce will fit them and the car kit will fit aslo. I will ask when i'm next in.

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    You must be the only lightforce owner who has not had to rewire his/hers lamp. Good lamp crap wiring and switches, all but completly re wired mine.


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    Agreed,had problems with the plug on my striker 170 and the switch is playing up now, needs sorting before i'm left in the dark.

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    can i ask do you use a filter on it ? as the red filters really cut the beam down on them

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    amber filters do it for me

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    Anyone tried a scope mounted lamp on a .338 Lapua Mag for foxing, with 240g Ballistic Tips and top end of the scale powder charge Do they stick, or do the bulbs blow on recoil

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