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Thread: Deerstalkers Wales Network

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    Deerstalkers Wales Network

    I was just wondering if anybody else has signed up to it?

    For anybody not a BASC member living in Wales, BASC have just launched a new initiative called the Deer Stalkers Wales Network.

    Its in its very early days yet, but it looks like its an attempt to raise the profile of stalking in Wales and encourage a bit of networking between stalkers.

    So far members have been canvassed as to what sort of events we would like BASC to host ie Larder days ect and whether your willing to muck in and help a little...

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    Yes and No.

    I let my BASC membership lapse in 2007 as I was unimpressed with their stance on a number of issues and didn't feel that I was getting any value for my sub.

    I am still on the email circulation and responded to the questionnaire on the Wales Deer Stalker Network to the effect that if it came off I would possibly reconsider and rejoin.

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    I am in exactly the same position as paul k in that I let my membership lapse due to lack of interest from BASC in rifle sports in the Welsh region. They couldn't even be bothered to reply to my emails.
    Perhaps they have woken up, or do they see another business oportunity?

    I am not totally dismissive and have even indicated a willingness to assist but would like a little more information. How about a gesture of goodwill on their part by organising a stalking scheme in conjunction with the forrestry commision in the principality?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57
    How about a gesture of goodwill on their part by organising a stalking scheme in conjunction with the forrestry commision in the principality?
    Rumor has it they are in the process of doing that...I don't know any more details nor whether this "rumor" will harden up into "fact" but I am certainly watching and waiting!

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    Is this what you call jumping on the band wagon, or to little to late, these should really be in BASC quotes to live your life by

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    I think that is a little unfair. If we had done nothing, or if members thought we had done nothing for stalkers in Wales you would criticise us (fair enough).

    When we launch and promote an initiative for stalkers in Wales for the benefit of stalkers in Wales, run with the full input from stalkers in Wales you still criticise us! (not fair at all)

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    Can somebody just over the border( 5 miles) join?????????

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    Of course someone wil criticise you whatever you do David.. as ol Abe Lincoln said please some of the people......... or was it fool ..

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    anyone got a link for it i will register

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