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Thread: Time for selection

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    Time for selection

    Was out this morning and had a look arund i was looking for a kid for the freezer and if possible sexless buck kid. Saw quite a few deer which is nice after going at them quite hard. I was videoing a nice buck when a small kid buck decided to show end of video and rifle at the read .Sorry about the quality lads but i was lieing down on mud and it was sleet and rain with a 30 mph wind blowing across.





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    Nice one,

    Thanks for putting up the pics and the video.

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    Seem to recognise that fence post Better keep the link in case I am asked about the witnessed stalk. This group probably the ones I tried stalking first, before the buck and doe disturbed them. Nice group.

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    I would think so mate i saw 17 this morning all over the place this was the largest group seems there starting to brake up. Glogin a buck kid before the 1 st of april is classed as sexless mate and then on the first of april he then becomes a proper buck. That way you can shoot Doe and twins no matter what sex they are.

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    Great shot in the last video of the four anal tushes disappearing over the hill.

    That's the most frequent sight I get of deer

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    nice video dave i like the picture of the deer and thats a crackin looking gun by the way the roesack looks good wish i had one

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