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Thread: Lack of deer

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    Lack of deer

    Ok I have to post it.Why oh Why is shropshire and worcestershire so void of deer.
    My job takes me all over these shires right out in what looks like prime deeer ground.

    I am out first and last light,got a tiny peice of ground a few miles out from worcester,only seen one munty in 12 months.
    The only deer I have seen are 2 fallow on fc ground at button oak.
    While I"m at it how the hell do you get permission,please dont tell me to go beating,etc.

    All I hear is deer numbers out of control,where.

    Compared to my lovely syndicate in herts,its like a bl***dy,wilderness.
    Thats better,ps weve have had a lot of weather lately,dont you think,Regards Tony.

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    You cant have been to the part of Shropshire where the deer are staying this week, where in Shropshire are you

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    I live in Bridgnorth,but as I say I cover most of worcestershire as worcester is my patch,with rentokil.The thing is Sikadog I know the odd milionare who I do a bit of pest control for he has been promising me access to some woods for 3 years,but several farmers also,same thing.Its just that with all my customers 950 in all and as I manage to bring every conversation,round to deer/fox probs.
    I am totally lost as to how some guys manage to walk in a pub on the off chance and come out with, oh another 2000 acres,permission.

    I also cover a lot of shropshire,which as I say,seems devoid of deer thats if you can gain permission in the first place,just getting totally peeved with it all.

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