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Thread: Help in choosing a 308

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    Help in choosing a 308

    my name is steve and im new to this forum so please take it easy lol.

    I have recently had a .308 variation added but am struggling to decide on a rifle.

    I am after a screw cut barrel and preferably wood stock but im willing to go synthetic if required. Price wise im looking to spend around 1000 on the rifle but am able to budge if needed.

    The quarry I will be shooting is mainly deer on my local permission and some organised red and wild boar shoots later on.

    The manufactures ive looked at so far are
    cz, remington, winchester and tikka. The trouble im having is they all seem similar and when ever I think ive eliminated one I end up ruling it back in again.

    Obviously the key points I want are reliability, must be accurate and good to work with.

    I look forward to your knoledge and help.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Steve, welcome to the site. With a budget of a grand, you should look at second hand Sakos. I would go for stainless unless you are particularly into nice looking rifles. Also, if you like wood but want the benefits of synthetic, look at laminated stocks, I have two rifles with these and love them. How much are you budgeting for 'scope and mounts? Its old advice but, if you need to make a saving, make it on the rifle not the glass (or, better still, say bollards to the saving and get good rifle, glass and mounts and worry about the cost later when your Mrs finds out or your credit card bill comes!) JC

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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the site.

    If you haven't already it's worth having a look on, lots of new and second hand rifles on there. Saw a nice Browning X-Bolt Synthetic Stainless, fluted barrel and screw cut for 760 new.
    Here's a link:

    That gives you an extra few quid to put towards the optics!

    edit: It's up in Scotland but they could always send to an RFD closer to you!
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    Hi Steve.. I have a Tikka 590 in .308 and love it so that's my declared interest.
    Have you looked at the Browning x-bolt?. Browning have recently brought out a fluted barrel stalker version which looks pretty good. It's a synthetic stock but synthetic is very practical and the x-bolt ones are very "grippy", ideal in the cold/wet.
    Some people say the Tikka T3 is cheap/nasty/flimsy stock etc but it seems like it'll place shots into 1" reliably and I haven't heard of one breaking or being broken so they can't be bad. Anyway,I doubt Sako / Tikka would want to lose their reputation by making a shoddy rifle.
    Also have you looked on Guntrader website?, it'll give you an idea of price range. I would consider a s/hand good quality rifle and put the money saved into a great quality new scope.
    Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.

    ps looks like I was typing the same sort of stuff as Johner was just posting and just beat me to it.

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    Here's one for 650, Remington LVSF .308, Timney Trigger, 1/2" unf threaded. Not had much use, kept mainly for Driven Boar trips so only used over the winter.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    Price wise for the rifle im willing to budge on as i dont want to buy something that is cheap which I will end up in replacing later. Same goes for optics.

    I did that before when I first started and ended up after two weeks buying something more expensive. In the long run it cost me more for buying cheap.

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    You could get a new sako For just over a grand or second hand for less.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Here's one for 650, Remington LVSF .308, Timney Trigger, 1/2" unf threaded. Not had much use, kept mainly for Driven Boar trips so only used over the winter.
    that looks like a nice bit of kit. Is that one that you have for sale?

    I have looked at the browning x bolt. And i really quite like it. Only thing im worried about is some people say they are not that great.

    I think the trouble is one gun may be great for someones shooting style but not for another. It just doesnt help me choose lol.

    When I have been trying to narrow my search down i managed to get down to remington, browning x bolt, tikka and sako. Although thats still a lot to choose from.

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    I would buy a sako may be a few extra quid but as you have said "buy once"
    Shop around should find a deal. Top it with a hungarian s&b 8x56 . I'm not biased but I have this set up in stainless synthetic . The mutts nuts

    Atb Steve

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    The Remington is for sale but I haven't put it up anywhere yet as I know money is tight and whilst I could do with the money, I'm not in a hurry to lose a lot of money on it.
    Although it is a Remington, it is one of the more expensive ones, rrp was over a grand but I got for a tad under for cash and have since put a Timney trigger on it.

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