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Thread: a big thanks to Maxwell of here.

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    a big thanks to Maxwell of here.

    As some of you know I had a call from a farmer I used to do a bit of shooting for who has been having problems with rabbits and mr fox! I am rifleless at the moment so Maxwell very kindly offered his help. We went out last night and although conditions were not ideal what with it being a very clear, fairly bright night it was still worth coming out. We saw plenty of action on the rabbit front, however they were a little bit shy. We managed 4 and picked up two, the others were lost in the hedge. After walking the ground and then setting up at the bottem of a mini valley under a tree Maxwell started to use the squeeker. Within 5 mins we had a set of eyes coming in, confirmed it was a fox and it was a safe shot I gave maxwell the nod and he droped the fox with a perfect head shot. All in all I reasonable couple of hours with a few less rabbits and 1 less fox and plenty of good banter. We did see another fox but this one was a bit more on the ball and we think he sussed us out, an older boy perhaps. we will no doubt catch up wih him soon. Thanks maxwell for the helping hand!
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    No problem, appreciate the invite and more than glad to help.
    As always its good to get out and about with people and share different experiences.
    Remember if you ever need to use the chiller/larder give me a shout.

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