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    sako 75

    might have the chance of a sako 75 hunter.... whats the verdict ? had a forester years ago good rifle... but a friend said to avoid the model where the bolt comes apart with a key.....

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    Go for it.
    I have got two 75's IMHO a brilliant piece of kit.
    I have never had any problems with the bolts, I must admit I did take the key out the bolt for about the first week of having one but soon got fed up of messing.
    It is probably a good safety feature but not really necessary.



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    Got one, LOVE IT! Insanely accurate for a factory rifle, quality is top, and aesthetics are 10/10...I like mine in case you haven't noticed

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    I am very pleased with mine. I don't use the key-bolt system, it is possible to buy the bolt kit to get rid of it though if it really bugs you.

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    Buy it, you wont look back.

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