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Thread: resizing cases

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    resizing cases

    hi could anyone offer some information on resizing my brass cartridge cases. i have tried two different die's but i am finding it very tight when closing the bolt over have i missed anything?

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    Closing the bolt difficult? So your rounds are not quite right for sure.

    Full length check of a built round with a vernier is required first....

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    You've asked a good short question, but whole books have been written about the answer. I find the following link quite helpful.

    Setting Up Your Full Length Sizing Die | The Reloading Press

    To help get constructive feedback, could you tell us a little more about the brass/dies/rifle?

    Thanks JCS

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    I would also be checking your OAL for your rifle,it could be different to the ogive of the bullet to the SAMMI OAL in your rifle
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    Rab, I agree with Lee303 - you need to do a full length check. But first check a resized case in your rifle - chamber a resized BUT unloaded case in your rifle. If it is difficult to close the bolt, then your die is set up incorrectly. If the bolt closes without any problems, then your seating depth is wrong.

    Hope that helps - fire back if you are still having problems.


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    Give us some more info like JCS says.
    I have helped out a few mates with this problem when full length sizing.
    The problem was that the die was not screwed down far enough and whenever they sized a case it pushed the shoulder forward.
    You should set up the die so that it sets the shoulder back one or two thousands.
    Hornady make a good tool for the job.

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    hi more info i am using lee and rcbs die's. the brass i have been using is federal and lapua. i have been loading for a sauer 202 and a tikka t3 both in .243. when i have been trying to close the bolt over it is tight but it will close with not excessive for the case lenth when trimming the cases there is very little brass coming off the neck so the necks cant be streched.

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    Thanks for the info. Some more questions:

    1 How are you keeping the spent brass from each rifle separate?
    2 Do you have a resizing die dedicated to each rifle?
    3 Which rifle has the smaller chamber?

    Regards JCS

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    the cases are kept seperate as the t3 is my mates i use the lapua and he is using spent federal cases he used before he started reloading.the cases are tight on both rifles but they were ok on the last batch of bullets i made for each of the rifles. i have only made bullets for each rifle at any one time so as there is no mixups with cases ect.

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    I think you need to address the rifles individually. Forget about your mate's rifle at present and concentrate on your own one. You have a nice rifle and good brass. Work with the resizing die until you are happy that the die is just bumping the shoulder enough for your Lapua cases.

    Focus on your own rifle and your own loads first. I am sure Muir later on will have some measured comments to add to the thread.

    Best regards JCS.

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