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Thread: Fox Predation on Roe Kids

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    Fox Predation on Roe Kids

    Do the Forum members have any evidence of Fox Predation on Roe Kids and if so to what degree would you consider this has an effect on Roe numbers?

    Thank you

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    Dont have any evidence but was led to believe that foxes were the main cause of fatalities on roe kids.

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    Very interesting post however how accurate would the evidence be for how many fox take roe kids, especially in dense forest areas,I personaly have little evidence other than fox sighting while out stalking at the weekend I glassed 6 fox I do think the number of kids taken could be higher than we assume.

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    Have only seen a fox attack a roe kid once, this was one of a pair of twins, and whilst I have no proof I think this would be the normal way it would happen much the same as in lambs its more often than not a twin that is taken for the simple reason that its more difficult for the mother to protect two than one.

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    i was out lamping the other night and heard a Muntjac fawn in a lot of distress,and I am sure it was being predated by 'Charles'.I was with Foxdropper on the site,and it was a pitiful sound............Martin

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    I once watched a badger actively hunt down a roe kid in mowing grass one night with a mate and years before i sat in a seat and heard a muntie crying "peeep peeep" it came past the seat with a fox after it , then the buck after the fox and the doe brining up the rear , 2 or 3 minutes later they all came back all too fast for a shot ! It was a bit like Benny Hill . I have found legs at earths but they could be road kill

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    Yes, last year I watched as a roe doe repeatedly drove off a fox that was trying to get to the kid. She must have driven it off 6 or 8 times before finally she gave up and wandered off, I assume the fox got what he wanted! This incidentally was on land on which several horses are kept and the only things I am supposed to control are rabbits, they like watching the foxes etc:
    Several of these people witnessed the fox attack and I took great pleasure in telling them thats what foxes do. One of them was in tears so therre may be a policy change (doubtfull).

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    There is considerable research from Scandinavia on Roe fawn mortality due to fox predation, which is suprisingly high I think there is some info on the Deer Inititiative site. 50% comes to mind. I would suspect that in the South large ammount of fawn mortality is due to foxes/badgers and silage mowers.

    Talking to my farming friends, it is a regular occurance for fawns to be killed by mowers. The issue is they sit very tight and modern mowers travel at a quite a pace, they cut low and we always shoot a lot of foxes on newly mown grass as they search out the casualties.

    If you can keep the foxes under control and the first cut of silage does not coincide with fawns being born then looses at this time of the year will be minimised.


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    Like Cyres said there seems to be a lot of research from scandinavia about it and its meant to be a massive proportion taken by foxes.

    I had a mate went out to stalk in sweden a few years ago to an area where the fox population had been seriously decimated by some disease (can't remember the name of it now) the ammount of young roe surviving was meant to be unbelievable and the local stalkers couldn't believe the difference. When the fox population recovered so the roe survival rate dropped to wot it was before.

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    There will be some predation by foxes and in scotland also the golden eagle, but many are injured on killed in traffic accidents.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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