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Thread: Blaser Rifles R93/R8

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    Blaser Rifles R93/R8

    Just looking around at different options and came across these.

    What kind of accuracy can you acheive with home loading.

    which would you recommend R93 or R8 and whats the difference.



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    Have a look on here pretty much all there is to tell .
    Accuracy is good, easily sub moa .

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    just make sure you read the huge manual on how to cock and close the bolt first

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    only got a r93
    very impressed with it ,good solid gun ,accurate ,nice trigger
    r93 all the way

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    I have an R8. It's a compact well put together rifle.

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    I had a R93 with several barrel cals, It did not achieve anything more than a average CZ, Browning or sako, did , at a fraction of the cost.

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