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Thread: 30 inch .308 barrel and 215 grain rounds

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    30 inch .308 barrel and 215 grain rounds

    I am asking this question on behalf of a friend. He is getting a 30 inch barrel for his .308 LRS2. He is planning to use heavy rounds in the 190-220 grain range. Can anybody recommend the ideal twist rate for this set up. The standard barrel comes in a 1 in 11 twist rate. Would this stabalise heavy weight rounds or should he go for a 1 in 10 twist.

    Many thanks in advance


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    I think it would be fine in 308 , If it was 300 he could go 1/10 with a 28 inch barrel very cool,

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    1-11 should be fine, I shoot 208 grain AMAXes from my shorter barreled 30.06 at the sort of velocities your friend could expect from his 308 with no evidence of lack of stability to 600 yards.

    Is there a particular bullet he is planning on shooting, a particularly esoteric VLD design perhaps?

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    Thanks for the replies.

    He is planning to use VLDs and I think he mentioned Bergers as well.

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    Herewith manufacturers recommended minimum twists:

    From what I can see you'll be fine with a 1-11", let alone 1-10".
    I think the TR shooters in this country seem to think that minimum stabilization necessary for a given weight is the way forward in terms of getting best velocity from the 308.

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    Conor - heres a link to a stability calculator. You can plug in speed, weight and twist and it will tell you if it will be stable or not.



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