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Thread: I decided on an Isuzu Rodeo 07 plate

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    I decided on an Isuzu Rodeo 07 plate

    Well I've bought an Isuzu rodeo 07 plate 2.5 tdic.
    Does anyone have an good insurance tips.
    It seems you can't insure it as a car even though that is what it will be used for.
    I can insure a Disco 3 worth 2 1/2 times as much for less.

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    NFU used to be good for trucks and vans for private use, worth a call.


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    Try NFU , My Ford Ranger as 3rd car with zero no claims discount was about 300/year

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    A guy In my work just bought a new rodeo and he had a hell of a time trying to Insure It for a decent price.

    I`m sure he said It was an insurance group 30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    NFU used to be good for trucks and vans for private use, worth a call.

    +1 For NFU, good service also!

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    at the moment i have got my hilux with adrian flux, and its just come in for renewal at 350, nfu never given me a good quote yet auto net are quite good i will be trying them again you have to shop around every year. good luck

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    When I converted to NFU commericial I took 3,500 of my insurance bill. Landrover stil with them,

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    I hav a L200 crew cab
    It is Insured fully comp with extra named drivers under a none commercial policy with C.I.S

    you need to shop around a little more , as it will hopefully pay off in the long run

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    There are a few specialist firms which do trucks / 4x4 only, your broker should be able to find you one, I used to do mine through A-Plan. Unfortunately, I managed to collect a couple of speeding fines, then had claim and my renewal premium went through the roof, from 299.00 - 893.00 FC! I went back to the NFU who managed to get it below the 500.00 mark!


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    NFU for me,they are the only company that will give me a 3 month green card, unless anybody out there knows different???????


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