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Thread: Sarchoptic Mange

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    Sarchoptic Mange

    Attachment 5460Shot this little bugger in an orchard, he was stalking lambs, it was covered in Mange,So i'm told Mange is contageous to both dogs and humans?
    anybody ever caught it?


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    I see a few dogs every year with Sarcoptic mange. It is easily treated with products such as Stronghold, they are very effective as both treatment and prevention. It is VERY contagious in dogs.

    People can catch it - it's known as scabies.

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    Hope this answer's your question,

    I think anyone who has caught this would rather no disclose it , other than with thier GP.

    By the looks of it quite dirty look'n and embarrassing to say the least.

    Only my opinion though.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Cheers Buck, if it's as infectious as apache says, what precautions should be taken? does it need to be as advanced as in thr photo to be caught by humans? and should the carcass be burnt, buried or what? i could go away and read up on it, but it may be useful to open it up on here, there are probably plenty of fox shooters unaware of the risk to them and their dogs?
    Is the decease seasonal like Mixy in rabbits?


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    My old dog god rest him caught it about 10 years ago whilst out beating. Had to wash him in some type of shampoo from the vets every day for a few weeks to clear it up and prevent reinfection!! not nice to see on your mate .I seem to remember the vet saying that cainines can get fox mange but not people. They may spread it though ?

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    People can catch it from dogs, but it doesn't usually get too bad before they seek treatment. I am lead to believe that although the mite is the same, there are human and animal strains. People can 100% catch it from dogs.

    To prevent it in dogs you want to use Stronghold monthly. Many flea/tick products have no claim to kill it [Frontline etc].

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    very contagious in dogs, though can be treated when I was a lad 50 years ago it was a death sentence dogs that contracted mange were put down, there was no affective treatment at that time.

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    Tikka asks if mange like myxomatosis is seasonal, from my experience neither are seasonal. this year myxi was here in December although more often than not it starsts in late spring. It has shown up here every year without fail but there really doesn't seem to be a pattern. Possibly the fleas that spread it are more dormant in cold weather but as I said earlier this year, despite the cold the disease was here very early.
    As far as mange goes that seems again more prevalent in summer although I have shot them with the signs in winter too.
    VHD seems to be a summer disease but you don't often know you have it on your land anyway. In the last 4 months there has been both myxi and VHD here but rabbits are surviving.

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    Along the same lines.Handling foxes..
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    Wouldn't want my dog any where near that manky animal!

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