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Thread: Calling a Hampshire Roebuck

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    Calling a Hampshire Roebuck

    Hi All
    Thought I would show you this clip of one of a buck we called in Hampshire the weekend. My mate Mat was doing the shooting and I was doing the calling on this one.
    As a novice Roe caller I doubt I was using the call correctly but it seemed to work ok.


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    Fantastic Wayne, did well.

    Looked perfect bullet strike also.

    In the last 40 seconds or there abouts, you can see a couple of deer running from the top centre of the picture also.

    Good Clip.


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    Hi TJ
    They were the doe and fawn that came in first they had been stood by the buck. Did your CD arrive after??


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    Thats very nice Wayne you must be building up quite a library by now. You will have to start taking a tripod with you and leaving the gun at home, let your mate do the shooting and you can film him

    Up until you explained the other two deer I thought you were have outstanding success with the caller.


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    Fantastic Wayne.

    i find if you lay of the local brew the night before your hand is a lot steadier

    if you ever need someone to film shooting your deer......

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    Hi John
    The camera adds another dimension to the stalking but I still prefer to carry the rifle but I must admit I think I get more excited calling for someone else than if I am doing the shooting.


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    You of all people must know how hard it is to keep the camera steady when your squeezing something in your pocket


    As for the shooting you know where I am just shout.


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    thanks wayne an informative use of the butulo for sure i think i could use one with more confidance now after listening / watching your video.

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    Well,for someone new to calling you certainly had him coming in alright............keep it up mate..............Martin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES
    You of all people must know how hard it is to keep the camera steady when your squeezing something in your pocket
    Wayne, i havent had the pleasure of holding something in my pocket at the same time as a camera, but i have developed a technique of using the call in my pocket with the rifle on the bipod. it must look like i found a wormhole

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