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Thread: Woodcock survey

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    Woodcock survey

    While reading Modern gamekeeping,March issue,I read about the article about GWCT woodcock survey.
    Very interesting and important to count the males at dusk in may and june.This bird was after all on the amber list ofbirds of conservation concern!
    GWCT are asking for volunteers,I rang them to register, "Sorry its members only",was the ansewer I got.
    What is this all about,I thought we were all together in conservation.
    I would have to join GWCT,ie pay to take part!!
    Itake a lot of interest in providing habitat for woodcock on my shoot and am disapointed that this is a survey of great importance is only for GWCT members.

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    I agree that it seems nonsense that you have to be a member to take part, as to whether woodcock should ever have been on the amber list is controversial to say the least, not all conservation bodies are in agreement, like wise the counting of residential woodcock in the UK seems to have been very much underestimated,

    In Scotland we have had many more woodcock in the last two winters than normal, my son in law who works in the North sea reported seeing hundreds of woodcock floating in the sea after a storm.

    Woodcock can be found in many country's, and numbers can vary from year to year, good breading seasons and not so good ones, and whilst I agree that we need to monitor the situation, I have seen nothing to convince me that woodcock numbers are in decline.

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    You might like to try the Woodcock Network . They are closely involved with the GWCT's project but remain wholly independant.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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