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Thread: Miner goes to the Doctor

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    Miner goes to the Doctor

    This miner who worked down the pit goes to the Doctor for a full medical examination for insurance purposes.

    The Doctor checks his heart and lungs etc and takes his blood pressure ect.
    Then tells the guy to strip off.

    So the miners stood there absolutely bollocked naked in front of the doctor and the doctor says right i want to examine your tackle now.
    Would you roll back your foreskin.

    As the miner rolls it back a piece of chewing gum falls to the floor.
    The doctor says to the miner whats that.

    The Miner explains that during his work he needs to work practically naked due to the heat and dust and that he needs to chew chewing gum to keep the dust out of his throat, and its the cleanest place to put it after chewing it ,so it could be chewed again later, the doctor is quite surprised but offers no comment and tells him to roll his foreskin back further where upon another piece of chewing gum falls out on the floor.
    The doctor enquires whats that. to which the miners replies that was his mates choddy.

    The doctor was quite took back by this reply and said to the miner your mates choddy , whats it doing there behind your foreskin.?

    Well replied the miner its simple really my mate is circumsised and has nowhere to put it so I let him put it behind my foreskin.

    Surely thats unhygienic is it not exclaimed the doctor.

    The miner thought for a moment and exclaimed your absolutely right I will have to put a mark on mine.
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