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Thread: any one have one of these Savage 12 Series Varmint Rifle

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    any one have one of these Savage 12 Series Varmint Rifle

    does any one have one of these Savage 12 Series Varmint Rifle does any one have any reviews, what do they shoot like, do they have and known problems? whats the price for a new one? how would it compare to the browning x-bolt? i have the chance of a new one in .243 that was ordered but never picked up, it has a lam stock with heavy fluted barrel threaded with mounts and rings for 800.

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    My buddy has a Savage varmint in 223. Shoots great.~Muir

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    If it's fitted with the accutrigger, snap it up. I used to shoot a 12BVSS until i stupidly sold it to a mate who was very keen to get his hands on it. They're not lookers, but savage rifles are very accurate.

    The stock on the X-bolt is OK, but i wouldn't call it good and the bedding is pretty meagre. Go with the savage.

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    Savage's model 12's are brilliant - bit of difference to an x-bolt though. Before buying I would just check the weights. I like heavy/varmint barrelled rifles (even to lug for several miles) but many of the Model 12's are VERY heavy. Other than that - brilliant!

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    Are the savage model 12 varmint rifles readily available in the UK ?
    I heard that Edgar bros are the new savage importers.
    I was looking for one in 204 a couple of years ago but had no luck.

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    Hello Charlie 1, Where did you order the savage 12 in .243?
    I'd buy it for 800 if you don't want it.
    Thanks Phil

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    Yes I did get the savage it pretty heavy due to the barrel but I am getting used to it, the stock is a bit thick at the palm swell where your thumb mussel would be. But I am hoping to get that fixed. It shoots good group at 100y with RWS 100 grain and has the same point of impact with 58 grain v-max with a touching hole group, so I have my deer and foxing round at the same time.
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    I shot my friends this past week with some PMC FMJ and it shot .6" for five shots. Impressive for factory ammo.~Muir

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    Savage rifles are a rip off in the uk just like all US rifles. 1600 on guntrader! must be joking.

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