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Thread: Fox minimum calibre

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    Fox minimum calibre

    I have been given permission to shoot fox as pest control over a large area of land appox 1,000 acres this will be the first time a rifle has been allowed on the land for pest control. the owner of the land would like me to use the smallest calibre possible most of the shooting will be over 20/100yards your thoughts please to ensure humane killing. i have the following calibres .22lr 17hmr .243 .308 300 win mag all may be used for vermin control.

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    I am not the most knowledgeable but I would suggest no caliber less than .22 CENTREFIRE, this way you will ensure a good clean kill with less likelyhood of a wounded animal. I know people say "It's just a fox", but treat it with the respect a living animal deserves.

    Your .243 will be more than enough to use. I wouldn't use .17 or .22 as you are limiting your abilities, atleast with a .243 you can be confident out to 200m (more if your are within your capabilities) unlike a .22 and .17


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    Fox Calibre

    I agree with Tartanjock,

    22 centrefire minimum for charlie.

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    I agree with the others, as long as it is centrefire it will do the job, not to start a "rimfire will do the job war", as many foxes have been killed with them but if you are there for a job then do it properly.


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    the 2 foxes thati have shot has been with a .17hmr, close range 50- 80 metres, ballistic tip. dropped them instantly.

    but now i use a .243 that would be my tool of choice. my only criticism is that .243 bullets work our at approx' 1.00 each.

    .17hmr works out at approx' 22p per bullet.

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    Well,I am going to be 'Devils Advocate' so please don't get personal.I have in the past used a .22lr on foxes,and,have shot an awful lot with them.And,I can honestly say that I have never had a wounded animal,as,I like to squeek them in as close as possible,and,30/50yds sees them just right for a head shot.I do now however use the .243,and,when I get it,I will use the .22-250 as a dedicated fox rifle.But,if I am out for the rabbits,and,Charlie makes an entrance,then,a few squeeks,and he will be dropped as the rest have.
    What reason has the farmer given you for the calibre restriction?

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    the smallest calibre possible might be .22lr
    the smallest calibre suitable in somes eyes would be .22lr
    the smallest calibre that you would be given reason to possess is likely to be .22 centre fire.

    use the .308

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    .243 would be my choice, .22 for bunnies, but on occasion i might change the sub sonic for .22 high velocity if a fox shows his face.
    could it be that the landowner does not have much experience with firearms and that is why he has insisted upon a small calibre?
    after all, in my experience, a .22 sub sonic is more likely to richochet

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