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Thread: cubs about

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    cubs about

    Checked an earth this afternoon with a terrier on a lead , just a small 3 hole place , got a good mark so we netted up and popped the bitch in . 5 minutes later out come a vixen , quickly dispatched , she looked drawn so we sat back and waited watching the locator box the bitch stopped about 4 times before coming out with a small cub maybe 4 days old . Next earth , 7 holes, good mark so net up . the bitch is soon baying at the 1.8 mtr mark , by the time we got down to her she had killed another nursing vixen so we left her to work the earth through before back filling and moving on , so look out boys another 3-4 weeks and theyll be showing up

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    Found earth last week cubs already on top!

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    Up here don't go near a den on high ground untill mid April, low ground could look at end of this month as 3 - 4 weeks difference in cub size.


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    Intresting post, that probably explains why we not seeing any foxes at present. We saw one last week and last night in 2hrs saw 15 roe, some hares and not a sign of a fox. I suspect the vixens are all holed up and the dogs are being very coy at present.

    As we are in similar area would expect to see some by middle April.


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    im not far from Yate , their not showing yet , nowhere near these were days old hence the vixens being holed with them still

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    generally my theory is dont go near the dens unless u intend to deal with the occupents there and then .not seen any sign here yet but the last two foxs shot were both dogs !

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    if you have a good terrier that marks holes it pays to use it now if you get a mark now you can be sure the vixen is at home , i run as many wires as possible now , sit out most mornings or evenings , plenty of lamping till the crops are too high and i start driving the covers first week in april

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    we dug two sets of litters last weekend 1st litter about a week old 7 in the litter plus the vixen secound litter were about 3 days old and a litter of 4 plus vixen the keeper was chuffed to bits . but on a bit of waste land where i live the neighbours cat vanished so i said i would take a look and low and behold two litters are born there one being very well used and sure its cubs darting about i hear them all the time when i am in the garden but being only in my new place 4 mths got to play it by ear as one of my neighbours is very very anti infact a active animal rights **** who has felt my silver tongue and now knows where she stands i often leave my truck unwashed after a weeks foxing just for her benifit i have prewarnd her any damage she will answer for it .

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    Yeah we have some on the ground here, although the litters seem to be small again last year we didnt see a litter above three.

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    We were out last night and only saw a single fox (and that one just buggered about inside the edge of a wood over the boundary, not interested in coming to a squeak, so we blanked ).

    No sightings/reports of any cubs. Yet.....
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