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Thread: I love Fallow !

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    I love Fallow !

    Got back from a cold 2 days skippering on the Solent..decided to check out my ground for a couple of hours..managed to stalk up a group of 20 mixed mature/yearling fallow,and managed to get to within 80 yds of them..set up for a shot...every deer had another to close,behind or couched down behind.... every mature doe took turns to be a guard for the herd...on 5 occasions I had a deer in my crosshairs,and on those 5 attempts another deer walked behind the other one... abort ! Then they all got up or walked off ,everyone 2 by 2 or obscured by a bush /branch ...then disappeared into the wood off my boundary...timescale 50mins! Oh well there is always will probably be raining!!.

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    Don't give up Tony, it will come right in the end ;-)

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    Hi the devil are you? Yep, I know it will but we are up to the required doe cull and they are well advanced in their pregnancy so not too bothered, I hate gralloching and finding a well formed foetus at this stage...but it is 2 down I suppose...

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    I like the new avatar!

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    Be boring if you got one every time wouldnt it

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