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Thread: Still pursuing that first munty

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    Still pursuing that first munty

    So some of you will have read my tale of my (unsucessful) first paid outing, and how I resolved to get my arse out more, and onto my own (free) land...

    ...well I finally did.

    Installed highseat last Friday night and sat watching the sun go down.
    Up at 5 on Saturday, in high seat by 5:30. At about 6:30 I saw 2 muntjac come out of some undergrowth about 25m away however no sooner had I spotted them and begun to slowly bring my rifle round than they got spooked and high tailed it.

    What went wrong?

    Did they smell me?
    Was I too quick to move & did they see me?
    Did they see a large, unfamiliar SILVER highseat leaning up against a tree?

    I'm off out again at the crack of dawn tomorrow AM and have since camo'd up the highseat (see attached before & after shots)...

    I thought I was very slow and careful - how slow and careful do you need to be not to get rumbled bearing in mind munties don't tend to hang about long?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Keep it up youll get one , their funny old things they never really seem to stand still , ive always found april a good time for them on the warmer evenings . good luck lets us know how it goes and remember , their like mushroom you got to pick um when their there

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    i am new to muntjack but from my outings they are very skittish darting in and out of cover and not standing still seats looking good ,i would also get some camo around your top rail to cover your movements but looks good once you have been in it a few times you will get to see where they come in from to anticipate where to be ready keep at it and you will get one soon im sure,atb wayne
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    Looks like you might be trying to get too close by your photo? People often make the mistake of putting the seat where the deer are. It is usually best to put the seat a distance away at a sensible range looking into where you expect the deer to appear! That way you can see the 'big picture' and will create less disturbance.

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    You could try fixing a net to the shooting rail allow it to hang down below your feet.After a week or so deer get used to it flapping in the breeze and then it maskes your movements a little.MS is right at 25m you will also find shot goes a little low

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    Thanks guys... well, I finally got some luck this morning , see:

    MS & roedeerred I did try to locate the highseat further out but impossible with the available trees. I managed to clear some arcs of fire out to about 75m.

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