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Thread: Exploding .17

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    Exploding .17

    A worrying accident, went out this evening to lamp a few rabbits 11 down with 12 shots one had two rounds so very happy, fired at the 12 missed reloaded reloaded fired at the next rabbit. Bang! flash of light and a stinging of burnt powder and fragments around the face.
    After a few seconds took stock of what had happened the magazine sat on the land rover roof, blown through bits of black plastic spread around, nothing ejected, and the barrel is now floppy at the breech.
    So to analysis the events was the miss the precursor, had everything cleared the barrel?
    So one trashed gun but no lasting injury, I think I just got lucky,
    Gun Sako quad bought from new, probably had 2000 rounds through it. amunition Hornaday 17 gr Vmax
    And up until the point of failure I had been extremely pleased with the set up , and had been performing particualy well tonight.
    Any ideas before it gets returned to Sako


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    I saw a savage .22 magnum do that once

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    Did the shot that "missed" immediately before the shot that blew the gun up sound any different? Or was there any background noise such as vehicle engine to mask such an indication? It does sound like an obstructed barrel.
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    dodge more information required.

    Was a moderator fitted to the rifle?
    When was the rifle last cleaned?
    When was the moderator last cleaned?
    Is the moderator specifically designed for use with .17hmr ?

    I would be inclined to think that this is an ammo fault or due to an accumulation residue in the moderator more than a fault with the rifle.

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    From the description it sounds like the explosion happened near the breech to me. The bullet from the previous round, for whatever reason, probably never made it more than a few inches up the barrel. You were lucky, it would have been much worse if it wasn't a rimfire!

    Can you pass a rod down from the barrel end to see if the blockage is still there?

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    I would be having a serious look at the ammo.

    As above, sounds as if the bullet from round eleven stuck in the bore just ahead of the breach and the next round vented downwards through the magazine well. The Sako held up well.

    Is the bore now clear of obstruction?

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    To answer a few questions
    The miss sounded no diferent but could have been masked by the vehicles engine
    Moderator fitted as supplied by dealer, cleaned no blockage, designed for .17
    Rifle had been cleaned resonably regualy
    Moderator cleaned at the same time, I have looked down the moderator looks OK
    The barrel is blocked, the remains of the case are still in the chamber, I have not attempted to clear, as I will return gun and ammunition to dealer who supplied them as is.
    The gun looks a bit sad as it flexes at the point it the barrel should screw in I think the stock may be damaged as well.
    Yes lucky

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    Stick a rod down from the muzzle and see if the bullet(s) are still in there (and how far along they are), then you'll know for sure

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    What did the spent case look like?
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    Ah, just read the remains are stuck in the chamber...

    I don't think returning it to the dealer will do any good, it is clear now that the miss was a mis-fire resulting in an obstructed barrel then the next shot blew back. You now have 2 bullets stuck in the barell which will need a good shove with a brass rod to get them out.
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