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Thread: new member...well sort of!.

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    new member...well sort of!.

    Hi everyone,
    I have been a member since late last year, but haven't got round to introducing myself properly. Took up general shooting 2 years ago, and in particular stalking 12 months ago. I have DSC 1, and an open license (good old Devon & Cornwall), and i live in the Exeter area. Since then, my collection of rifles seems to have outgrown my cabinet....twice!!....... I am most impressed by the level of knowledge that is shared amongst members, and the level and depth of that knowledge, ( most of the time ) and am aware, that i still have a lot to learn. My next objective is to complete and obtain my DSC2, which i hope to finish this year, and more importantly, to keep the freezer full!!!.
    Thanks pjkaz

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    Well as you've been around a while, you will know that this is a fantastic site to learn from and meet people.

    Keep asking, keep posting.


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    welcome aboard mate


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    new member or just a late starter
    nether the less

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