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Thread: Training Advice

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    Training Advice

    Hello there, I was wondering if a newbie could pick the advice of the wiser heads on this forum about training.

    I'm looking at getting my DSC - Level 1 done. There seem to be a lot of providers and a lot of different options.

    My question is this:

    Is there a specific advantage of doing training with an organisation such as taking the BASC or BDS run courses?

    And as a follow on question: Some 'commercial' providers provide shorter courses (eg 2 days as opposed to 4 days with the BASC). Is there an advantage to the long course over the short course?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I did mine as a 4 day course, they were 4 long days,

    it could easily have taken 5 days,
    I cannot see how a 2 day course can cover everything.

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    Bob I had decided to do my dsc1 with jellen which i believe is a two day course with a 90+ % pass rate, are you saying that the basc course is more in depth ? DF

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    I have assisted with BDS DSC1 courses over four days - it is barely enough to cover the content IMHO.

    Shorter courses will undoubtedly 'Pass' you, but cannot provide the same level of information as one taking twice as long!

    You pays your money and takes your choice.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Double four View Post
    Bob I had decided to do my dsc1 with jellen which i believe is a two day course with a 90+ % pass rate, are you saying that the basc course is more in depth ? DF
    I did mine with BDS, there was a lot of info passed over, ok not all was in the exam but all good stuff, in 2 days you would have to go some to cover everything and retain it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    ..... Is there an advantage to the long course over the short course......

    I did my DSC I with Highland College some time ago at Badanloch Estate. The course started on Sunday evening and finished Friday lunchtime. I got one hind and also attempted two more stalks. The benefit of the longer course was that there was time for theory in the evenings, practice on the hill and in the larder during the day. Also there was time to get to speak to the other students, instructors and guest speakers.

    I know the format for DSC I has evolved and most courses don't now include any actual stalking, however I do favour the longer courses as the in between times are great for talking to folk and building up new contacts.

    So my recommendation is as long a course as you can afford, held as near to where you mostly stalk or intend to stalk as possible.

    Good luck. JCS
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    I went to David Stretton's four dayer Level 1, I worked very hard to retain the info that most let go after their test, some of those who had been taking deer for years struggled harder than me, but passed after buckling down, it all depends on how good you are at holding on to the stuff you wouldn't normally store in your memory, things like seasonal dates etc that are easier kept on cards, I have a knack for remembering powder weights etc but not things like deer seasons, I don't know why!
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    I did mine over 3 days with D&G (Roger Buss) i wouldnt recomend him ! About 20 of us went , the rest were trained by him , i did all my reading up on holiday boar shooting in poland the week pior . The course was in scotland , bearing in mind Roger comes from hampshire , i worked in cumbria at the time . I think 4 of us passed the written test and 2 of us completed the entire course , ive never seen anything like it the lad whos paper i marked was clueless beyond the point and Rogers star candidate a lad called Lee was one of the worst and his shooting was pittyfull . The poor lot must have felt ripped off .

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    **** i feel as if i have been robbed i did mine over 4 hours with Alister McGugan and it cost 60 and that was with a tip The only advice he gave to me was to slow down i was shooting to fast really just the same advice as the woman of my life have given me.
    If you think you will need a lot of learning then do the big one if not then do the day coarse.

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    I just did the two day (plus an evening) course with Jelen successfully. You need to do a lot of study preceding the course to understand and memorise the multiple choice questions, and obviously practice the shooting skills before the course. The good thing is you can do this at home and minimise the amount of time you need to take off work. The only thing I feel missing was a practical lesson on how to perform the gralloch - something I don't think you can properly learn from books and DVDs.

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