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    bomb squad

    I have just been to a building site, where they are knocking down a house, the old dear who used to live there turned up and said " my father buried a box of hand grenades and incendiary bombs after the war, where you are digging"
    just as the machine hit a box,
    I didn't hang around.

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    that wouldnt be your box you lost would it
    (sorry couldnt resist)
    Hope you are well mate

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    ha ha nice one when i was young lad i used to collect smoke and flash bombs off a10 thunderbolts and off other aircraft these where all spent and safe and when we came to move house i had around 30 of these in the shed i moved them out into the garden as i wanted to take them but wasnt aloud .the next door neihbour rang the police and the next thing bomb squad came round to do a controlled explosion my arse was sore for a long time after that.wayne

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    This isn't meant to be a "my black cat's blacker than your'n jobby" but.......... I & my mates were all around the age of 13/14, & the army had just left a camp that shall remain nameless, we set to with a vigour that I wish I still could call up now!, well they left a couple of trucks, & alongside that was a real tank!............ cutting a very long story short, one lad actually tried to blow up a small bridge over a stream with some ordnance that was left behind unattended, moving on around thirty years, a local newspaper had a piece on about six I think, of mortar rounds being taken from a loft in a house on the housing estate that was built over the original camp.................. I'll say no more!
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    I woman in the next village had the police and bomb squad out a few years back for what turned out to be a beer tin she found while gardening

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    We've had a few things turn up around here, last one was a shell dug up where they building two houses. Bomb squad kindly dotonated it where everyone in the village could see. Turned out the site was where the home guard used have their ammo store.

    Bit further east the old metal detector enthusiasts often find live ammo and the odd gox of grenades where the americans used to train outside Barry. Been told that after the war alot of stuff was just buried.


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